Straight Gear Reducer PLX

  Straight gear reducer  PLX The planetary reducer is small in size, light in weight,  high in carrying capacity, long service life, stable operation and low noise.It  has the characteristics of power shunt and multi-tooth meshing.The maximum  input power is 104kW.Suitable for hoisting, transportation, engineering  machinery, metallurgy, mining, oil chemical industry, construction machinery,  light industry, textile, medical equipment, instruments and meters, automobiles,  ships, weapons, and aerospace industries The planetary reducer is a new type of planetary reducer  with wide versatility. The internal gears adopt 20CrMnTi carburizing and  quenching and grinding teeth.The whole machine has the characteristics of small  structure, large output torque, large speed ratio, high efficiency and reliable  performance.This machine is mainly used for rotary mechanism of tower crane,  and it can be used as supporting parts for lifting, mining, transportation,  construction and other industries.   PLX Series (PLX142,PLX190,PLX242,)Selection of the score:
5 optional size 142mm,190mm,242mm,
Rated outpul torque 310NM-4420NM
Ratio 1-Sstage 3, 4, 5, 8
2-Sstage 9,12,16,20,25,32,40,64
3-Sstage 64,80,100,120,160,200,256,320,512
Backlash 12arc-min-18arc-min

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