Two-Phase Stepping Driver

  • Introduction
Overview SL2690A Drives are high performance digital 2-phase hybrid Stepper Drives newly released by Shenzhen Penhui Technology Co., Ltd. The Drives use PI controller to achieve low heating, low noise, low cost and high stability. The Drives have 16 selectable resolutions and 16 selectable current setting. To improve reliability, the Drives have some built-in protection functions, they alarm when over voltage,under voltage and over current. Optoelectronic isolation is employed to the input control signal In self-running mode, the running speed could be set by SW5-SW8 switches. External control signals are also used to control the motor motions like stop, start , forward and reverse. The 4-28V signal level is used for protection of pulse, direction and enable. Integrated cooling function is built in to auto cut the current. Feature
  • Use PI control algorithm,low noise, low vibration, low heating, high speed, high torque.
  • Signal:differential / single ended,Pulse/Direction or double Pulse,Controlled  self-running,Continuous self-running;
  • bipolar constant current chopper drive method 、micro-step control、high efficiency with little power lost.
  • Easy current setting,16 options,peak current 6.5A;
  • Integrated micro-stepping technology inside,stable and low noise;
  • The current cut half after stop for one second.
  • Compatible with 4, 6 and 8 lead wires motor.
  • 16 selectable resolutions,could reach 128 selectable resolutions,could be customized according to the customer requirement before order.
  • Optical isolation differential signal input.,frequency up to 300KHz;
Prevents damages when overvoltage, under voltage and short circuit.;

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